Your well-being is our priority.


Your well-being is our priority.

After The Tragic Loss Of Someone You Love

If someone you love has recently been killed in an auto accident or another type of accident, our hearts go out to you. This is an unspeakable tragedy.

When it comes time to bring a legal claim against the person or people responsible for this terrible situation, you need a lawyer who not only cares about your family and what you are all suffering but also fights aggressively for you to get you the compensation you deserve.

At The Herman Firm, we are here for you. Lead attorney Michael D. Herman has nearly a decade of experience handling all types of injury claims, including wrongful death claims. We serve clients in Walnut Creek and throughout the Bay Area of California. Although no amount of compensation can undo the tragedy you have experienced, it is important to obtain justice and to help your family in the future.

Fighting For Your Family

We represent individuals, families and estates in wrongful death claims to obtain compensation for:

  • Medical bills: These include all medical expenses arising out of the accident that caused the injuries leading up to the person’s death.
  • Funeral expenses: You can recover the costs of funeral arrangements and burial costs.
  • Loss of financial support: If the person who died was one of the providers in the family, you can receive compensation for the loss of this financial support, which can also include any expected gifts or benefits you could have expected to receive.
  • Loss of intimacy: The loss of companionship is an important part of any wrongful death claim. The fact is, you lost someone you love, and although it is hard to put a price on that, you deserve to be compensated.

These are important damages to consider. When you obtain compensation for these losses, there is an element of justice and closure involved for the grieving family members.

When we represent our clients in wrongful death litigation, we take a compassionate approach. We understand that you are going through a grieving process, so we will handle your case with professionalism and care.

Call An Experienced Lawyer

We take injury and wrongful death litigation on contingency, which means that our fees come out of a percentage of what we win for you. This means that there is no financial risk in talking with our attorney about your case. Call us today at 925-532-1977 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.