Your well-being is our priority.


Your well-being is our priority.

Attorney Handling Spinal Cord Injury Claims

One of the worst types of injuries a person could suffer is a spinal cord injury. Injuries of this kind can result in paralysis, extreme physical discomfort throughout the back and neck, loss of feeling, loss of functionality and many other serious problems. And in many cases, these symptoms last for years or maybe throughout an accident victim’s life. Many spinal cord injury sufferers are unable to work at all or are severely limited in their capacity to work. Plus, medical bills can be exorbitant and ongoing for many years.

If you or someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer who will help you get the full measure of compensation you deserve.

At The Herman Firm, we represent spinal cord injury victims in personal injury claims. With nearly a decade of experience, our lead attorney Michael D. Herman takes a smart, aggressive approach to litigation and a compassionate, caring approach to our clients. Serving clients in Walnut Creek and throughout the Bay Area of California, we do everything we can to maximize the compensation our clients receive.

A Wealth Of Experience With Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Spinal cord injury claims are among the most important areas we handle. Attorney Michael D. Herman has handled many cases involving spinal cord injuries.

In addition to our experience handling spinal cord injury cases, we take a strong team approach to these cases. We have a network of medical professionals to help us build strong cases for our injured clients by utilizing advanced technology in the courtroom. They use X-Rays, MRIs and in-depth analysis of injuries that include long-term prognoses.

The addition of this expert testimony and analysis helps juries and judges get a full picture of the severity of spinal cord injuries, and it establishes the long-term damages to increase the compensation awards we can obtain for our clients.

“My work with our network of doctors and medical experts is extremely important. I actually take the time to really understand the complex medical factors involved, but it helps me communicate these things to judges and juries to make sure my clients get the compensation they deserve.”
– Attorney Michael D. Herman

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Spinal cord injury cases can be extremely complicated and difficult to litigate. Make sure the attorney you hire is someone you know and can get the job done. We offer free initial consultations, so there is no financial risk in talking with us about your case. Call us at 925-532-1977 or email us to schedule your free initial consultation.