Your well-being is our priority.


Your well-being is our priority.

Dooring is a major risk for cyclists

Cycling is a way to get around in the city without having to drive. It’s imperative that cyclists remain safe as they ride so they don’t suffer any injuries. In some areas, there are bicycle lanes for these cyclists. But, just because those lanes are present doesn’t mean that the cyclist is fully safe. 

One primary risk that comes when cyclists have to ride near vehicles is dooring. This occurs when someone opens a door just as the bicyclist is riding by. The door strikes the bicycle and causes the cyclist to fall off. 

Preventing dooring from occurring

Motorists have to prevent dooring because it’s incredibly difficult for cyclists to see into vehicles or to anticipate what someone in a vehicle will do. Everyone in a vehicle can do one simple thing when they’re ready to open the door of the vehicle – use the Dutch reach.

The Dutch reach means that you use the arm farthest from the door to reach over and unlock it. This forces you to look backward, which gives you the opportunity to see if there are any cyclists coming toward the vehicle. If you see one, you should wait to open the door until they have passed your vehicle. 

Anyone who’s struck by a vehicle should ensure they have medical care to address any injuries they’re dealing with. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to cover the expenses related to the wreck. California law requires you to get your case filed within a specific timeframe, so be sure that you don’t waste time if you want to seek compensation for the damages from the crash.