Your well-being is our priority.


Your well-being is our priority.

Safety tips for cyclists in California

Cycling is a favorite means of transportation for many people across California. Not only is this mode of getting around being utilized for leisure and fitness, but numerous workers also commute this way.

Sadly, with the rise in cycling numbers, there has been an increase in the number of accidents. In recent years, cycling fatalities have been as high as they’ve ever been. Why is this? And is there anything cyclists can do to protect themselves?

Stay visible

The most common claim from drivers during the aftermath of collisions with bicycles is that they simply did not see the cyclists. It is true that cyclists are often hard to spot, but there are ways to counter this. Reflective material and lights are a great place to start in terms of increasing visibility. Bright material can be utilized in clothing, headgear and even the bike frame itself. Anything that catches the eye of a road user could be the difference between them being able to get out of the way or running into a cyclist.

Cyclists can also make themselves stand out as they turn. Sudden movements are not advisable, and riders can use hand signals to show clearly their intentions. These signals should be given in plenty of time, as this reduces the element of surprise that is so often at the heart of devastating crashes.

Use both hands

It is not uncommon to see confident bicyclists removing one hand from the handlebars. This may be done when a cyclist wants to take a drink, or even just to give their arms a little rest. In any case, it is a harmful practice that could place you in danger. You may be extremely safe and competent, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you is. You always need to expect the unexpected, and having two hands rather than one in your response is more likely to protect you.

As a cyclist in California, you may be vulnerable when around vehicles. If you have been injured because of someone else’s bad driving practices, there could be options open to you in terms of legal recourse.