Your well-being is our priority.


Your well-being is our priority.

Do loud pipes save lives?

Many motorcycles are incredibly loud, and one reason for this is that riders believe that the extra noise helps them be more visible on the road. It alerts drivers to their presence. Since so many accidents happen because drivers don’t ever see motorcycles and don’t realize that they are there, these loud pipes are said to save lives.

Does it really happen? Opinions seem to be split.

Why loud pipes may or may not work to increase safety

On one hand, it is very important for motorcyclists to do everything they can to ensure that drivers know where they are. This is why you often see advice like wearing hi-vis jackets or helmets, or you see motorcyclists who always ride with their lights on. This is important, and raising awareness can prevent accidents, saving lives in the process.

However, many of these visual issues may be more important than the noise of the bike. The problem is that modern cars are just so incredibly quiet. That’s what drivers want, automakers know it, and so they keep making cars even quieter and more protected from outside noise. Generally, even when motorcyclists have incredibly loud pipes, drivers say that they can barely hear them unless they’re right next to the car anyway. To add to that, you have to consider how many drivers are talking to passengers or listening to music, making it even harder to hear.

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to avoid motorcycle accidents. If a driver makes a mistake and hits you when you’re on your bike, that’s when it’s important to look into your options to seek compensation for your losses.