Your well-being is our priority.

Your well-being is our priority.

3 bad driving habits that contribute to commercial truck crashes

Commercial truck drivers are in a position to potentially cause catastrophic and fatal crashes. Typically, commercial drivers are like anyone else in control of a vehicle. They do their best to be safe and responsible.

Unfortunately, they are human like everyone else and can make the same kinds of mistakes that lead to otherwise preventable collisions. What are some of the most common bad driving decisions that truckers make?

Driving while under the influence

Drunk and drugged driving are major safety issues on modern roads. You never know when you might encounter someone chemically impaired.

Any driver who drinks or does drugs before getting behind the wheel can cause major crashes, but big trucks can do particularly severe damage. That potential is why the blood alcohol concentration limit for truck drivers is half that of the general public.

Texting or other forms of distraction at the wheel

Long hours on the road or entire weeks away from family can lead to truck drivers making bad decisions while actively driving. They might respond to text messages, send videos over specialized apps or otherwise distract themselves at the wheel. Even a cup of coffee or a cheeseburger could negatively impact someone’s reaction time and make them a danger to the public.

Continuing to drive while fatigued

Drowsiness has a direct impact on people’s driving skills. Like alcohol, fatigue will impact reaction times, decrease focus and affect decision-making skills.

Truck drivers know the risks that come with their work, but they may still make bad decisions that put other people at risk. Learning some of the leading causes of truck crashes can help you hold someone accountable if bad decisions caused your crash.