Your well-being is our priority.

Your well-being is our priority.

A spiral fracture could happen during a motorcycle crash

You never expected to end up in a motorcycle crash, but when the other vehicle pulled out in front of you, you had no way to stop quickly enough. You hit the other vehicle, and you ended up on the road with serious injuries. 

One of those injuries was a spiral fracture. What is it? This is a fracture caused by twisting stresses and forces on, usually, a long bone of the arm or leg. For instance, if you landed in a way that made you twist and roll, it would be possible to suffer from a spiral fracture of one of your limbs. 

Know the signs of spiral fractures

Spiral fractures are among the most painful, so extreme pain is often the first symptom. People who have this kind of fracture may have additional symptoms such as:

  • Fainting
  • Inflammation and bruising around the site of the injury
  • No pulse in the ankle or wrist
  • A loss of feeling and control of the limb
  • Tenting, which is when the bone looks like it is about to protrude through the skin
  • The inability to put pressure or weight on the bone

After an auto accident, you may need imagining tests to identify how the bone was broken. A simple X-ray may show breaks, but computerized tomography or magnetic resonance imaging tests may be used to check the blood vessels and tissues for damage.

This is a serious injury that needs immediate attention. If you’re hurt, seek medical attention at the scene of the collision and go with the emergency medical team when they arrive. After you’re medically stable, you can look into making a personal injury claim.