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Founded in 2014 by Michael Herman with the purpose to provide the highest quality legal representation to those injured through no fault of their own. Many years later after recovering millions of dollars for our clients The Herman Firm continues to grow as we litigate and fight for the rights of the injured throughout the state of California. Our results have been recognized and what our clients say is the best testimony of how this firm treats our clients and consistently wins.

Led by Michael Herman who single-handedly established The Herman Firm and its strong presence in the legal community of injury and wrongful death lawyers in California. Today the firm is a leader in the legal community.

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Pedestrian v. Auto


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It takes a wolf. The insurance companies want you to hire an ineffective lawyer that doesn’t try cases or fight for your rights. The insurance industry is a multibillion-dollar business that thrives on saving money- and that usually comes at the expense of injured folks who shouldn’t have to pay the bill and suffer the loss without being fully compensated. Unfortunately, the insurance companies have armies of lawyers in their corner to save them money and fight with you, the injured person. That’s where we come in.

We stand up to these bullies and fight for your rights. We protect the people as the last line of defense against the insurance companies. We specialize, injury law is the only area we practice. We can afford to fight with an insurance company with vast resources. Time and time again, we win for our clients.

The bad news and circumstances in our client’s lives have already occurred. They or a loved one is either critically injured or a loved one is deceased. What we cannot allow to happen is for more bad news to befall our clients. The last thing an injured person should have to endure is more suffering brought on by a greedy insurance company wanting to deny responsibility or minimize the full value of the injury.

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We specialize in injury and wrongful death. It’s all we do.


We have the resources to fight with the big companies.


You pay nothing unless you win.


Free consultation with an attorney, you have nothing to lose!


Get your medical bills paid, your lost wages reimbursed, your car paid for and more!

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